There really is an app for everything these days, even driving. Here are top 10 In-Car Smartphone apps to help you out while you are driving. Vlingo is a free app, available on Android and iPhone. It works the same way Siri does on the newer version. It is a personalized virtual assistant that responds [...]


HTC has announced their new smatphone named “HTC Butterfly”. It’s a 4th generation phone that comes with all types of benefit for you. It’s a competitor of Apple iPhone 5. So people are expecting many more for this gadget. HTC try to give a best smartphone for you. Let us find its features and others [...]


Samsung Star Deluxe Duos S5292 Price in India

by razz December 26, 2012 Gadget Reviews

World renowned company Samsung has been launched new touch bar phone Star Deluxe Duos S5292. It is a dual SIM phone which offers a smartphone using environment. The mid range Smartphone has some specific features which are really surprising to tech exhaust general people who has no capability to purchase tech –giant phones like galaxy [...]

Nokia Lumia 505 Price in USA: Pros and Cons

by razz December 17, 2012 Gadget Reviews

Nokia announced their Lumia series named “Nokia Lumia 505”. This smartphone does not come with the latest version of windows as like Nokia Lumia 620. But it comes with a nearest version windows 7.8. Let us find its pros and cons, price and technical details below: Display: It’s a 3.7inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display that [...]

Google Nexus 10 vs Apple iPad 4

by razz December 16, 2012 Gadget Reviews

Google Nexus 10 and Apple iPad 4 are renowned, highly competitive and genius application in tablet world. So technology enthuse people fail to choose the best among them. This article follows the segment of comparison between them. Having similarity in some functions those have some special criteria that make them unique and different from each [...]

Sony Xperia E Pros and Cons: Price in India

by razz December 14, 2012 Gadget Reviews

Sony Announced their new Smartphone named “Sony Xperia E”. It comes with the latest version of android, good connectivity, Touchscreen display and many more. Let us find its pros and cons and price in India below:

HTC DROID DNA Price in USA: Pros and Cons

by razz December 13, 2012 Gadget Reviews

HTC Comes with a new smartphone named “HTC DROID DNA”. It comes with the powerful hardware combination and its price in USA is $199 usd in a 2 year contract. It supports both GSM and CDMA (2g,3g and LTE) networks. Let us find the Nice looking and great handsets pros and cons and technical details [...]

Nokia Lumia 620 Review, Price in USA

by razz December 10, 2012 Gadget Reviews

The Nokia Lumia 620 price is cheaper than other Lumia series. It comes with the latest windows OS for you. So you can get a Smartphone which has all features included as like a most budgeted phone at a cheap cost. Design: It’s a compact gadget, it measures 11mm thick and 127 grams. It’s smaller [...]

Samsung Galaxy Axiom R830 Price in USA

by razz December 6, 2012 Gadget Reviews

Samsung recently released their Galaxy series new CDMA phone: “Samsung Galaxy Axiom R830”. This phone has a 3g, 4g L,TE and EVDO network support, so you can connect with any CDMA network. This smartphone is powered by a dual core processor and android OS: IceCreamSandwich. Let us find its price, pros and cons review below:

Nokia Asha 205 Review, Price in India

by razz November 30, 2012 Gadget Reviews

Nokia Asha 205 Review: Nokia announced their new asha series cheap version (price in india: only Rs.3000/-) handset. It’s a QWETRY phone, so its special for Facebook or google talk chatting. It is also a dual sim phone so you can use 2 sim at the same time. Its display is same as like other [...]